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Debate Security gathers resources from many different sources and experiences to guarantee a fair and frank discussion.

Cybersecurity Technology Efficacy

Is cybersecurity the new ``market for lemons``?

The cybersecurity market is failing because the technology isn’t as effective as it needs to be.

Based on over 100 comprehensive interviews with business and cybersecurity leaders from large enterprises, together with vendors, assessment organizations, government agencies, industry associations and regulators, Debate Security’s research shines a light on why technology vendors are not incentivized to deliver products that are more effective at reducing cyber risk.

The report supports the view that efficacy problems in the cybersecurity market are primarily due to economic issues, not technological ones, and addresses three key themes to ultimately arrive at a consensus for how to approach a new model.

Our Founding Viewpoint

Converging Threats - Lessons Businesses can Learn from the National Security World

Twenty years ago there were two worlds: the national security world, which faced sophisticated threats from other nation states, and the commercial world, which faced threats from low-level criminals and hobbyists. For the commercial world, it was an innocent age, and not one that could last.

Today, the threats have converged. Nation states do not restrict their activity to attacking other governments, and high-end criminals share many of the same sophisticated capabilities as nation states. Commercial organisations are facing a dramatically different set of adversaries.

The potential impacts have converged as well.

Other resources


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